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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Projections on the First National Bank

Full Length Video


Overhead projection view

A projection mapping multimedia piece at the intersection of dance theater, installation, and music video. This original work weaves a narrative about the human struggle between truth and fiction. The story centers on two lovers as they are challenged by society and by each other, to search for the often hidden truths in the age of information. Together they seek to reveal the messages often hidden beneath the surface of our modern world, as information and miss-information overwhelm their senses.

This original work was commissioned by the LUMA Projection Art Festival for the facade of the First National Bank in Binghamton, New York.

Featuring choreography and performance by "Creelo Moves" (Movement artists Laura and Christopher Grant, from Broadway's King Kong)

Artist Statement:


As Humanity's ability to access information increases we are faced with some questions: Are we saturating our subconscious with useless information that pulls us out of the present and isolates us from our immediate surroundings? Hard to find pockets of destructive world views have never been so easily accessible, and even thrust upon us and amplifiable through our networks, how do we improve our mental filters at a speed fast enough to prevent personal and social collapse? What does this over proliferation of information and disinformation reveal about our capacity to control our own sub conscience? Can the majority of humanity take on the responsibility and maintenance of their own mental filters when the swell of information has reached maximum strength? How do we stay at peace with each other and ourselves? Do we have the tools for this within our post modern circumstance? While these are all good questions. Once must realize that struggling with two opposing worldviews is a necessary tension, we realize that within the cycles of human relationships coming together and moving apart, there is a seemingly infinite energy being generated by this very struggle. It is the very questioning of ourselves and each other that powers human the experience.


Created and Directed by 

Ryan Uzilevsky

Lead Animation and Rendering 

Tom Bourguet



 Nic Woodward, Mark Renolds, Alexander Allaux, Josh Crews, Mark Lee

Open Frameworks Animation 

Christopher Miles 

Modeling  Sam Roe 

Illustrators Adrian Rasmussen, Danny Darkoski

Motion Capture

Todd Bryant 

Compositing and Choreography

Ryan Uzilevsky 


Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata by Hidden Citizens

Truth Shall Set You Free_FULL RES_309639
Truth Shall Set You Free_FULL RES_308448
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Finale Dance scene full v3_edited.png

Panoramic Version: Full Video

Truth Shall Set You Free_FULL RES_314859
Finale Dance scene full v6_1912.png
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