“We are envisioning monumental scale artistic gestures, that are amplified by cutting edge technologies.

When shows are executed correctly we can bring viewers into a heighten state of suspended disbelief, something which traditional mediums find harder and harder to achieve in today’s over saturated visual environment“

With the world awash in a tsunami of visual noise, we strive to offer thoughtful inspiration. We respect our audiences, as we inform and educate while we entertain.


Join us as we continue to develop a studio practice that honors story telling, spirit, and meaning.

By embedding media and dynamic
visual effects into the world’s long
existing monumental architectural
realms, a new visual language


This work has the ability to
deliver feelings and sensations that
challenge not only the intellectual
mind, the emotional heart, but also
the instinctual biology of the fight or
flight tendencies built into human

spacial conscience. 

Having fun while accomplishing the impossible!

Creating content for large-scale installations requires a certain understanding and experience of the advantages of the medium.

Design and composition become even more critical when your image are 100's of feet in size. 

Bigger is better, but only when you know how to use it... 

We are always learning and incorporating new technologies, spending many hours researching and deploying different techniques for greater theatricality and impact. 

3D Animation

Motion Design


Live Action Shooting

Sound Effects

Character Design




Particle Simulations

Architectural Layout


It all comes into play while

mastering this medium

Email:  lightharveststudio@gmail.com 

Phone: 1 - (646) 397-6234

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