Large scale, site specific works. 


The Awakening
Projection Mapped Dance Theater
Vessel of Light - Pyramid
Transforming Burningman's biggest venue
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Projection Mapped Dance Theater
Burningman "MAN" Pavillion
360 Degree projections inside the "MAN" for I.A.M.A.I.
Shoulders of The Past
3D mapping the First National Bank
Projections on the Bridge
DUMBO Arts Festival, New York City
Aerial Projection Show
Performance Art, New York City
"Simple Creatures" - VIVID Festival
Projection Mapped Narrative, Sydney Australia
Projections on the New Museum
"Let Us Eat Cake" an Experimental projection mapped film festival, New York City
COP 15 - Copenhagen
Public Art installation
Red Bull - Art of the Can
Projection Mapping on Philadelphia City Hall
IFP New York Media Center
Immersive Projection Environment, New York City
NCL Full Dome Theater Show
First Full Dome on a Cruise Ship, English Channel / Caribbean Sea
Sundance Film Festival
Projection Mapped Narrative, Park City Utah
Projections in Church - "Simulacra"
Projection Mapped Narrative, New York City
Burningman Temple
Ambient Projections, Black Rock City Nevada
Guggenheim Video Sculpture
Early projection mapping for the Young Collectors Galla
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"Our culture's greatest communication medium, motion picture, has become free to travel,

interact and respond to the environment beyond the screen"


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