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Projections on Philadelphia City Hall - Red Bull Art of the Can

Interactive Projection Mapping

Highlight Video


Teaming up with Klip Collective, we co-creative directed this interactive mapping experience on the largest masonary building in the US.


The installation was controlled by the audience members through the manipulation of a custom built control surface. This allowed the participants to "remix" the 3D audio and video during the live event. 


By twisting one knob you could control the color and shape of an entire 12 story building, an amazing experience to behold.


Klip Collective and Light Harvest Studio created a joint proposal to Red Bull for the chance to project on this iconic building.



Production Credits



Unique Creatures



Klip Collective


Creative Direction

Kilp Collective

Light Harvest


Light Harvest Artists

Ryan Uzilevsky
Tom Bourguet


Klip Collective Artist:
Whitney Alexander

Ricardo Rivera

Thom Roland

Josh James



Projection Vendor
DWP Live


Overhead projection view

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