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Shoulders of the Past 

Projections on the First National Bank

Full Length Video


In this 3D projection mapped narrative film, we explore a young girls imagination as she becomes inspired by her aging grandfathers thoughts on the future.


The story is inspired by how an older generation can inspire a new generation, even when they are not around to see what transpires.

This original work was commissioned by the LUMA Projection Art Festival for the facade of the First National Bank in Binghamton, New York.

Featuring choreography and performance by ODNA , creative collaborator for the dancing scene:

Performance capture technology wielded by our tech partner and resident guru, Todd Bryant:

Created and Directed by Ryan Uzilevsky

Lead Animation  Tom Bourguet

Animation  Josh Crews

Tech Director  Todd Bryant

Choreography, Performer, and Creative ​

Collaborator  Olga Dobrowolska 

Modeling + Special Effects  Sam Roe 

Illustrator Danny Darkoski

Live Video Shoot Justone Bossert




Overhead projection view

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