Terra Forms: The Saga of a Cosmic Tree

Capital City Film Festival

Science has shown that trees can communicate with each other.


They can sense danger and even respond to music.
Does this suggest that trees are conscious beings?

If so, what might they dream about?

This large scale projection mapping show follows the life of an ancient tree, from seedling to full grown
super-organism. As the world changes and humans build their cities around this tree, the tree dreams about what it’s future might behold.

What would happen if the tree could enter into a symbiotic relationship with human technology?

Would the tree reach new heights in its evolutionary potential, could it blast off into outer space and
seed forests on distant planets?

Produced by
Light Harvest Studio

Written and Directed by
Ryan Uzilevsky

Sound Design by
Brandon Wollcot

Animation by
Joshua Slaby

John Koltai



Smoke and Mirrors 

Visual Endeavours

Oliver Davies

Post Production, Editing, and Compositing
Ryan Uzilevsky

Executive Producer
Dominic Cochran

Cosmic Tree_Press Kit 3.jpg

Overhead projection view