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Projecting on a Tractor

Product Launch

Highlight Video


Hired by ADM Productions we were challenged to project on a 14 foot tall piece of agricultural machinery for a product reveal.

The large amount of complex shapes making up the tractor was more complex than a typical automotive video mapping reveal.  We were able to create some great scripted effects on the body of the tractor and the backdrop, creating the illusion that the tractor drove across the country and than shot into space.


The product reveal culminated with a pyrotechnic explosion and a giant kabuki drop, which unveiled the brands entire line of commercial grade tractors awaiting back stage. 


Special thanks to Anthony DeMartino for his great project idea and his great staff at ADM Productions!



Technical Director / Artist
Ryan Uzilevsky


Creative Producer / Sound Design 

Todd Bryant


Production Company

AMD Productions


David Lobser  - 3D texture

Kamil Nawratil - Animation
Pedro Galvao - Matte Painter
Francois Mallory - 3D Cleanup





















Overhead projection view

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