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A poetic audio visual journey celebrating the rugged and ancient beauty of the California Coast.


This large-scale public art work was projected at a scale of over 250 feet at 1 Bush Plaza in San Francisco.


The piece features underwater cinematography of submerged dancers interwoven with stunning visuals captured from the California Coast by the Light Harvest Studio team, celebrating the majestic flora and fauna existing in the dynamic liminal space where land and water collide.


A love letter to the beautiful environment surrounding our studio.




Written, Directed, and Produced by

Ryan Uzilevsky

Co-Directed by Alex Allaux

Director of Photography Alex Allaux

Cinematography by

Ian O'Hollaren, Alex Allaux, Swan Dive Media Brett Stanley, Ryan Uzilevsky


Underwater Performances by Hannah Mermaid and Julien Desforges


Editing and Post Production by Ryan Uzilevsky and Alex Allaux


Sound Design by Brandon Wollcott


Featuring violin by Terre Lee

A.I. Artist Steve Tietze

Narration by Jay Smack


Special thanks to Ian O'Hollaren


Inspired by Robinson Jeffers

Immortal Lands Projection Still.png
Teaser Poster 2_ryan.png
Immortal Lands Lyrics 2 Up.png
trees 2.png
lighthouse medium 2.png
tree lookup.png
lying figure.png
figures como.png
seal 2.jpg
seaweed 1.png
whale 1.png

Behind the Scenes

Take an inside look at the immortal lands production!

Free diving in Carmel, Ca

Seal Close-Ups in Pescadero, Ca

Night Drone Shoot at Natural Bridges, Ca

Underwater Performance in Long Beach, Ca

Overhead projection view

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