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FIREFLY - the light of consciousness sets the world ablaze!Capital City Film Festival


Every story begins with a single light


There are times when cities are defeated by darkness, quiet in the night.

Structures that long shed any memory of human touch. Chard crucibles of culture, slowly disintegrating over countless years of abandonment.

But once in a while, darkness brings a visitor. 

The firefly -  a light of consciousness that ignites the world 


This is a journey we all take, as we all will eventually lose what is familiar to us, we will be forced to redefine our idea of who we are


Our light will shine on those discoveries, and reveal new worlds that have been hidden in the darkness.


Artist Statement:


Today it feels like we are being asked to know all,

to see all, and for all mysteries to be revealed simultaneously in our hyper connected awareness.


The journey of the Firefly reminds us, we are all just single points of light - traveling through darkness, illuminating one mystery at a time. 


Technical Notes


For this architectural video mapping project we  embraced the real time rendering and 3D world building available through Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

The entire project was constructed as a playable video game environment, with the main character movement being performed and recorded in real time by the director, Ryan Uzilevsky.

We also brought on Audio Visual artist Brett Bolton for a collaborative ending scene where the building's architecture was directly linked to his live instruments and real time animations, so Brett essentially could "play the building"

Therefore the audience will see the building react to live manipulations of sound, color, and geometric animation moving in perfect harmony. 

Written and Directed by:

Ryan Uzilevsky


Sound Design by:

Brandon Wollcot


Visual Effects Supervisor:

Oliver Davies


Special Audio Visual Performance by:

Brett Bolton


World Building: 

Kevin Peter He

Ryan Uzilevsky

Alex Allaux

Chetan Bizwas 


3D Modeling:

Alex Allaux


Concept Artists:

Alex Allaux



Motion Capture Tech:

Todd Bryant

Oliver Davies


Unreal Engine Developer:

Oliver Davies

Todd Bryant


Lighting, Texture, and Animation:

Oliver Davies 


Story and Art Direction:
Ryan Uzilevsky


Motion Capture Performer:

Ryan Uzilevsky


Master Compositing and Editing:

Ryan Uzilevsky


Color Correction and Executive Producer:

Tice Learner (2).gif (1).gif

Overhead projection view

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