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Crowne Plaza Atlanta - Super Bowl Projections

IMG_1054_tall pano_web.jpg
Screenshot 2019-04-08 14.04.46.png

For the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta, Brightline Interactive asked us to execute a massive full coverage projection on the 220 foot facade of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Atlanta.

The objective was to be visible from the major highways bringing traffic to the big game, and also to make a large scale impact among the downtown Atlanta skyline.  

16 Large format projectors were used to serve up images on both sides of this 23 story building.

Agency: Brightline Interactive

Client: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Technical Director: Caleb Olsen

Agency Producer: Nick Castelli
Executive Producer: Ryan Uzilevsky
Projectionist: Mark Mojo Johnson 


Downtown Atlanta Skyline View

over 20 stories of projection! 

Overhead projection view

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