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C02 Cube - Public Art Installation

Copenhagen Environmental Conference 

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Light Harvest collaborated on a video sculpture that was built in downtown Copenhagen during the COP15 International climate conference. The sculpture was co-designed by Mia Hanak from Millennium Arts and Obscura Digital. 

The 7 meter cubic volume was used to represent 1 ton of C02 gas, which is the amount of emissions each individual person is generating annually (living in the first world). 


The installation was highly visible to political delegates, national news media, and NGOs.

A team of global artists who are concerned with climate change used the platform to communicate with the hard to access conference attendees.

Light Harvest Studio's contribution to the cube featured custom video artwork by Ryan Uzilevsky as well as an Eco-Art Presentation by McGovern Design House

CO2 Paper clipping.JPG

Overhead projection view

co2-cube-7_hjC6v_48 2.jpg
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